Nakano Rie
(Producer, Distributor / Japan)

Born and raised in Izu, Shizuoka. Established Pandora Co., Ltd. in 1987, after working for a major construction firm and a film distribution company. Was involved in the women's liberation movement from the late 1970s and organized independent film screenings from an anti-sexual violence position.
The Oscar-winning feature documentary The Times of Harvey Milk was the first film Pandora distributed. Other Pandora titles include One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train, Pictures of an Old World, The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl, The Celluloid Closet, The Murmuring, Habitual Sadness, and six titles of A. N. Sokurov. Pandora is the only company in Japan that works consistently in theatrical distribution of documentaries.
Nakano is an associate producer of Sokurov's long documentary Spiritual Voices. Her support for emerging filmmakers can be seen in groundbreaking work with Jane Campion, Byun Young-joo, Caroline Link, Sento Naomi, and other directors. She also has experience in directing and producing around 50 educational videos for women as well as in translating Keeping Secrets.

What's projected on the documentary film screen is not the target of the lenses, but the actual state of being of the filmmaker behind the camera. Everything from the filmmaker's life history and beliefs, to sensibilities are dissected and made apparent by the film. The pain, suffering, and sometimes pleasure that accompany this eventually feed back into the film itself. This cycle of deconstructing and constructing of the self is truly a battle that finally appears in front of the audience as an objectified self. But the audience is a contemptible being that by nature has unlimited expectations: a "give me more, give me more" attitude that cannot be satisfied, even if the battle is long and intense. That is, of necessity, what expression is all about.
What I am eager to see in the works of documentarists who stand on the precipice of creativity, is the intense battle within.

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