Dishes of an Afternoon Meal

Taiwan / 1997 / Mandarin Chinese, Tau Language / Color / Video (mini DV) / 31 min

Director: Huang Chi-mao
Editing: Lin Shu-jaou

Huang Chi-mao

Born in Jiayi, Taiwan. Studied meteorology at university and became a weather observer at the Central Meteorological Office's Lan Yu weather station. In 1996, he joined Full Shot's regional film education project. Continues to document Lan Yu island, home of the Tau people. Dishes of an Afternoon Meal, his first work, received the 1997 Best Local Cultural Documentary Prize.

Lan Yu island, located southeast of mainland Taiwan, is populated by the Tau, an indigenous people. This work records their lives and customs as they live peacefully with the ocean.
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COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee