Chen Tsai-gen and His Neighbors
Taiwan / 1996/Chinese / Color / Video / 90 min

Production Company: Full Shot Workshop
Script: Kuo Hsiao-yun
Photography: Chan Chao-cheng, Yang Chong-ming, Lee Jong-wang
Editing: Lee Ya-fen

Wu Yii-feng

Born in Yi-lan, Taiwan in 1960. After graduating from Chinese Culture University with a degree in theater, worked the camera for a TV program which introduces people who work at various occupations. In 1988 he established Full Shot. From that point, Yii-feng has specialized in documentary. His Lights of the Human Heart series had a wide following and became the inspiration for him to pursue film education. In 1990, he made Moon Children, YIDFF '91. Chen Tsai-gen and His Neighbors (1996) was shown at YIDFF '97.

This film documents those people, now elderly, who emigrated from the mainland to Taiwan after the defeat of the Kuomintang. The piece looks at them as ordinary residents of Taiwan rather than only as political émigrés.>
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COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee