New Asian Currents Invitation Films [IRAN]

The Eclipse

- IRAN / 2000 / Persian / Color / Video / 15 min

Directors, Script, Editing: Mehrdad Oskouei, Ebrahim Saeedi
Photography, Sound: Ebrahim Saeedi
Production, Source: Iranian Young Cinema Society
Gandhi Ave. 19th st., No:20, P.O.Box 15175-163, Tehran IRAN
Phone: 98-21-8773114 Fax: 98-21-8795675
E-mail: iycsint@ecplaza.net

In Iranian Kurdistan, a loudspeaker voice announcing the coming solar eclipse thunders throughout a village sprawled across a valley. The villagers sing, pray, and dance themselves into a state of ecstatic frenzy. This short film strangely makes one feel as if the whole valley is rising in awe of a natural miracle.

[Director’s Statement] Kurdish people’s lives are intertwined with nature. We attempted to reflect their inner thoughts about the changes in nature through their rituals at the time of the eclipse. We chose different parts of the reality in order to reach the truth in our documentary.


Ebrahim Saeedi
Mehrdad Oskouei

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