Kamei Fumio Retrospective [PR and Educational Films]

Quiet Construction Methods

(“Shizukana kenchiku koho”)
- 1962 / Color / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / 31 min

Director, Script: Kamei Fumio
Photography: Sekiguchi Toshio
Production Company: Dentsu
Planning, Source: Takenaka Corporation

The usual method for building steel walls by driving steel sheet piles greatly disturbs the surrounding environment with noise and vibration. In response, a silent, vibration-free technique of tightening screws inside steel pipes was devised. After the screws are removed, iron bars are inserted, concrete is poured and a concrete foundation post is created underground. When this “Takenaka-Style Deep Foundation Construction Method” is used for foundations, one builds from the surface down. In another Takenaka methods, the underground portion is first built aboveground, then the dirt underneath dug out, letting the building settles of its own weight onto its underground foundation. Both quiet construction methods reduces noise in big cities. Takenaka Corporation handles construction from design to actual construction, and has built innumerable office buildings, factories and university buildings. In Osaka’s Festival Hall, an extremely well-made concert hall, the acoustics turned out just as planned, and the beautiful voices of the Vienna Boy’s Choir resonate there even today.

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