Kamei Fumio Retrospective [Other Works]

Human Conceit: The World of Director Kamei Fumio

(“Ningen yo ogoru nakare: Eiga kantoku Kamei Fumio no sekai”)
- 1991 / B&W / 16mm / 83 min

Director: Tezuka Yo
Photography: Sudo Keiji, Anatolyi Plapshov
Sound: Kobayashi Ken
Music: Imai Shigeyuki
Narrator: Kobayashi Kyoji
Producer: Abe Yutaka
Testifier: Noda Shinkichi, Ito Takero, Ishino Noboru, Miyagawa Kinuko, Sunagawa Chiyo, Hijikata Tetsu, Sato Tadao
Voice-over for Kamei Fumio: Suzuki Mizuho
Production Company: Japan Document Film Human Conceit Production Committee
Source: Japan Document Film

The film looks back on Kamei’s life and tries to try to make sense of the full picture. To this end, the film weaves together famous scenes from Shanghai Document (1928, dir.Yakov Vlyuyok), Battleship Potemkin (1925, dir. Sergei Eisenstein) both of which Kamei saw when he was studying in the Soviet Union, as well as scenes from his own Shanghai (1938), Fighting Soldiers (1939), Kobayashi Issa (1941), Still It’s Good to Live (1956), Record of Blood: Sunagawa (1956), Men Are All Brothers (1960), All Living Things Are Friends: Lullabies of Birds, Insects and Fish (1987) and others. To spell out Kamei’s life, the film proceeds in chronological order and includes interviews with people who knew him along the way.

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