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YIDFF 2001 Prize Winners

Prizes for the International Competition
Jury: Hartmut Bitomsky, Bernard Eisenschitz,
Ann Hui, Kuroki Kazuo, Ivars Seleckis

The Grand Prize (The Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize)
The Land of the Wandering Souls Dir: Rithy Panh

Prize of Excellence (The Mayor’s Prize)
In Vanda’s Room Dir: Pedro Costa

Runner-up Prize
Mysterious Object at Noon Dir: Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Runner-up Prize
6 Easy Pieces Dir: Jon Jost

Special Prize
A2 Dir: Mori Tatsuya

New Asian Currents Awards
Jury: Sato Makoto, Chalida Uabumrungjit

Ogawa Shinsuke Prize
Soshin: In Your Dreams, A True Story about Love Dir: Melissa Kyu-jung Lee

Awards of Excellence
Farewell Dir: Hwang Yun
More than One Is Unhappy Dir: Wang Fen

Special Mentions
Along the Railway Dir: Du Haibin
Sky-blue Hometown Dir: Kim So-young

Citizens’ Prize
Dir: Mori Tatsuya

In Vanda’s Room Dir: Pedro Costa
My Friend Su Dir: Neeraj Bhasin

My Migrant Soul Dir: Yasmine Kabir

Special Mentions
Pansy and Ivy Dir: Kye Un-kyoung
Mysterious Object at Noon Dir: Apichatpong Weerasethakul


Farewell Party
The YIDFF 2001 Farewell Party will begin at 19:00 on Tuesday, October 9 in the Sun River Room on the second floor of the Grand Hotel. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you there. (Entry:1000 yen, free for Festival Passholders.)


Schedule Change
There will be an additional screening of Domestic Violence by Frederick Wiseman on Monday, October 8 at 13:00 at Solaris 5.


Schedule Changes
•Due to director Forgács Péter’s inability to attend the festival, There will be no Q&A session after the screening of Angelos’ Film at 13:00 on Sunday, October 7 at the Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Large Hall).

Schedule Changes
•Director Jean-Louis Comolli has had to cancel his trip to Yamagata, so there will be no Q&A session after the screening of Buenaventura Durruti, Anarchist at 18:50 on Sunday, October 7 in the Yamagata Central Public Hall.

Schedule Changes
•There will be no Q&A session with director Kate Davis after the Monday, October 8 screening of Southern Comfort at 16:10 in the Yamagata Central Public Hall.

“Give Peace a Chance
CHANCE!, a peace advocacy group, is distributing yellow ribbons for peace during the festival. Ribbons and flyers are available in front of Muse and the Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall). For more information, please contact Kana Tomoko, director of Mardiyem (YIDFF Network Special Screenings), or go to the group’s webpage at


Schedule Changes
Robert Kramer Retrospective
A fourth video, City Empires (1998, 20min.) has been added to the 10:30 program at the Yamagata Prefectural Library (the Yugakukan) on Friday, October

Schedule Changes
Robert Kramer Retrospective
The 10:30 screening of Doc’s Kingdom on Saturday, October 6 has been cancelled. In its place, About Forgetting will be shown. (The 10/9 showing of “About Forgetting” will go on as planned.)

Schedule Changes
International Competition
The October 6, 19:30 screening of The Land of the Wandering Souls at the Yamagata Central Public Hall will not be followed by a Q&A session with the director, Rithy Panh, who could not make it to the festival.


Schedule Changes
New Asian Currents
Due to director Azza El-Hassan’s inability to attend the festival, there will be no Q&A session following the screening of News Time on Friday, October 5 from 15:00 at Muse 1.
Robert Kramer Retrospective
The Friday, October 5 screening of Video Letters: Robert Kramer and Stephen Dwoskin (10:30 at the Yugakukan) will feature only Robert Kramer’s letters. Stephen Dwoskin’s video letters to Robert Kramer will not be shown.

YIDFF Network Special Screenings
Smiles of 108 People, a PR film about Yusa town in Yamagata Prefecture made by the town’s residents (20 min), will screen Friday, October 2 from 18:00 in the Yamagata Citizens’ Hall Small Hall. Good Friends, Good People, a record of YIDFF ’97 (62 min), will also be screened. Don’t miss your chance to see YIDFF ‘97 International Competition judge Robert Kramer interviewed outside a Shibuya love hotel!

Reading Material:
Information about YIDFF Publications

The YIDFF experience continues on the printed page, and all YIDFF publications are available at the reception desk on the 6th floor of the Yamagata Central Public Hall.
The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2001 Official Catalog (1000 yen)
The entirety of the festival, condensed into 170 finely-tuned pages. Let the catalog be your guide for selecting your personal screening schedule. Also availabl: the official catalogs from the past five festivals (500 yen each).
”Now,” “Here” and “About the World”—Robert Kramer (700 yen)
The official catalog of the Robert Kramer Retrospective. A collection of essays, reminiscences and analyses from Kramer’s friends and colleagues.
Kamei Fumio Retrospective: The Catalog (700 yen)
Kamei Fumio paved a path for generations of Japanese documentarists. This catalog looks back at his great and varied body of work. A must for scholars of Japanese film history.
Documentary Box Issue 18 (400 yen).
Hot off the presses, features an interview with director (and YIDFF ’01 juror) Kuroki Kazuo.
Documentary Box Back issues: Issues 1-15 (300 yen each), 16-17 (400 yen each).
YIDFF’s own magazine, published four times every two years, keeps the discussion on documentary film and video flowing between festivals.
Documenting YIDFF: A Record of the Festival
Published after the festival. This “document” of the festival includes photographs, press clippings, interviews with directors.


High School Students Workshop
Sunday, October 7, 11 am in the Yamagata Citizens Hall Small Hall. Free admission.
The Four Emotions, Water Sprite, Festival, Gas Stalker and Inorganic Maze: five 10-20 minute videos by five groups of high school students.

Hot Nights at the Komian Club : This Year’s Komian Opens Tonight
This year’s Komian Club will be open Wednesday, October 3 through Monday, October 8 from 10 pm to 2 am in the Maruhachi Yatarazuke pickle warehouse. 500 yen (one drink and snacks included).
If it’s night at YIDFF, you cn bet that the Komian Club is humming. The drinks flow, conversation buzzes and strangers turn into newly-made friends as filmmakers, festival guests and moviegoers relax at Komian after a full day of films and videos. Come be a part of the heat!

Sign Language Interpretation and Access for the Hearing-Impaired
This year’s Opening Ceremony and Awards Ceremony will have Sign Language interpretation. In addition, most films and videos will be screened with English and Japanese subtitles.

Dokiyama Kinderland
For festival-goers with children,the Yamagata Film Festival is running its own day-care center! Anyone can use this service upon presentation of a festival ticket.
Open:October 4th(Thu) to 9th(Tue),9:45am-5pm
Location:Yamagata Central Public Hall(AZ),5F
Charge(includes snacks etc.):300 yen (depending on the length of stay)

Scheduling Change
International Competition
There will be no Q&A session after the screening of Paragraph 175 on Thursday, October 4 at 12:40 pm.

Robert Kramer Retrospective
Fear, scheduled for Thursday, October 4 at 16:30 at the Yugakukan, has been replaced by Plan: Lumiere (1995, 8 min, DVD), a short film Kramer made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of cinema.
There will be no screening of Guns, scheduled for Thursday, October 4 at 14:30 at the Yugakukan. In its place, there will be a repeat screening of FALN and In the Country.

The Citizens’ Prize is Back!
Like its name suggests, the Citizens’ Prize is awarded to the film or video that most captures citizens’ hearts.
In 1999, we created a voting system that reflects the opinions of even more filmgoers, and this Citizen’s Prize will also be determined by your votes.
The 15 films and videos in the International Competition and 34 works in the New Asian Currents program are eligible for the prize. There are ballot sheets in all of the theaters that show works from these two sections. The ingenuously designed ballot sheets don’t need a pen, so they’re easy to fill out. When you’ve finished watching a film or video, all you have to do is rip the appropriate place on the specially-marked sheet that best corresponds to your opinion, and place the ballot sheet in the ballot box. The votes will be counted, and the winner of the Citizen’s Award announced at the Closing Ceremony.
You can vote once for each time you see a film or video, so if you have a true favourite, you can spport it by going to see it more than once and voting each time. We hope that you’ll watch a lot of films and videos and be an active participant in the voting. (We ask that festival guests and members of the press refrain from voting.)
We’ve also placed pencils at each venue, and there is space on the back of the ballot for opinions, messages to the directors or anything else you want to tell us. You never know, your comments may be read by the directors themselves!


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