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Oct.3 no.1
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Introducing "Mabza Benigaki"
at the opening ceremony.
Ms.Shiraishi Talks about "Mabza Benigaki" as a part of the introduction at the opening ceremony.
Outside the auditorium before the opening ceremony.

At YIDFF office, directors and foreign press meet.
Daily Bulletin Staff has begun interviewing director.
Interviewing Direcor Tanaka Miwa whose film is a part of Japanese Panorama
Decorating Muse Theater which houses New Asian Currents.

Students from TUAD decorate Muse Theater.

The decoration has totally transformed the normal atmosphere of Muse Theater

At the opening party.

At the opening party.

Daily Bulletin Staff(left)
Director Neguro Yu(center, Japanese Panorama)
Director Tanaka Miwa(right, Japanese Panorama)


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