New Asian Currents [JAPAN]

3rd Vol.2—2 Light House

(“3rd Vol.2—Futatsu no hikari no ie”)

- JAPAN / 2002 / Japanese, English / Color / Video / 52 min

Director, Photography, Editing, Producer, Source: Sanada Misao
701 Kyoto Ichijoji Corprus, 3 Somedono-cho, Ichijoji, Sakyo-kuKyoto 606-8174 JAPAN
Phone: 81-90-9020-1993
E-mail: misao3rdhouse@yahoo.co.jp
URL: www009.upp.so-net.ne.jp/neo_3rdHOUSE/

The director is a traveler based in Nepal. She continues to make films with Maeda Shinjiro in the series titled “3rd.” In this film, she uses unstable, handheld camerawork to capture the time spent in Tibet with a young outsider. The marvel of seeing oneself on video in the viewfinder, a racing heart at a sudden snowfall, birthday candles, Nepalese soldiers marching, and more—the interminably ordinary but indispensable air transforms into a world overflowing with light and serene emotion.

[Director’s Statement] 3rd Vol.2—2 Light House is my second work since I began to film while contemplating the “3rd.” I first visited the territories surrounding the Himalayas in May 2000. 3rd Vol.2—2 Light House is the work that emerged from my third visit to those lands.

I went to Tibet for the first time in March 2002, spending ten days with a young man, Mama Janama, who was wandering through the town of Lhasa. I completed the work with footage shot during a month-long stay at the 3rd House in Nepal between April and May, completing the nonlinear editing in ten days after returning to Japan.

During my very first visit to Nepal, I immediately found out that the theme of “3rd”—which I found within three days of arriving—had already become an indispensable element in my life. But what exactly is this “3rd”? Why Nepal? And what comes next when this constant search reaches its conclusion? I myself do not yet know.

3rd Vol.2—2 Light House is a primitive session between my various thoughts concerning the concept of “3rd” and a world where dazzling, changing shapes appear. Its course toward the future is shown in the passion and determination of all those related to “3rd,” and above all it has been created as an expression necessary for myself to deal with forthcoming realities.

- Sanada Misao

Born in 1972. Presented first work Eki (1993) at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival in Germany in 1995. In 1999 produced A Messenger (2001), a collaborative work with Maeda Shinjiro. Began “3rd” Project in 2000 after traveling in India and Nepal. Sanada, Maeda and Oki Hiroyuki recorded the three months leading up to the birth of the 3rd House in 2001 in the collaborative work 3rd Unknown Commer House, which is currently being edited. In 2002 directed 3rd Vol.2—2 Light House, her first solo work since the “3rd” project began, and completed Death Fugue (recorded in Nepal, China and Xinjian) in 2003. Centered around the 3rd House in Nepal, “3rd” consumes Sanada’s waking hours, and is spreading through the world at will. An omnibus screening was held in March, and a first solo exhibition opened in Kyoto in May 2003.

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