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    Kim Duk-chul and Mori Yasuyuki

      Kim Duk-chul and Mori Yasuyuki

    Together with Mori Yasuyuki, YIDFF regular and cinematographer Kim Duk-chul presents an image of the youth of the future who, overcoming an adverse history, rise above national borders to build true friendship.

    The River of Reconciliation

    (“Watari gawa”)

    - JAPAN / 1994 / Japanese / Color / 16mm / 90 min / English subtitled version

    Directors: Kim Duk-chul, Mori Yasuyuki
    Photography: Kim Duk-chul
    Editing: Yoshida Eiko
    Sound: Koga Yoichi
    Music: Hara Masami
    Narrator: Igawa Hisashi
    Producer: Mori Yasuyuki
    Production Committee: The River of Reconciliation Production Committee
    Source: Kim Duk-chul

    Surrounded by the beautiful natural environment of the Shimanto River in Kochi, students of the Hata High School Seminar consider what they can do to bring about real friendship between Japan and Korea by listening to the wartime experiences of their own grandparents, participating in exchanges with Kobe Korean High School students and through their encounter with a former military comfort woman, Kim Hak-sun, in Korea. Mori Yasuyuki, who directed The Ocean of Bikini Doesn’t Forget (1990), and the cinematographer of Yun’s Town (1989), Kim Duk-chul, co-directed this film in their search for new encounters between people that overcome both borders and time.