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    This is a film undertaken by Ogawa Shinsuke about Filipina brides living in the village of Okura in Yamagata Prefecture. While the film was suspended midway due to Ogawa’s death, the version used for test screening, Hijiori Story, will be an opening film at YIDFF 2005 in memory of Ogawa. Made in the Philippines, To Fukuoka with Love, also featuring Filipina women who moved to Japan, was awarded Special Mention at the YIDFF ’99 New Asian Currents Program, and will also be shown this year.

    YIDFF Opening Screening
    Hijiori Story

    (“Hijiori monogatari”)

    - JAPAN / 1992 / Japanese / Color / 16mm / 18 min

    Director: Ogawa Shinsuke
    Photography: Kato Takanobu
    Editing: Ogawa Shinsuke, Tamura Masaki, Tsuchimoto Noriaki
    Sound Editor: Asanuma Yukikazu
    Location Sound: Kuribayashi Masashi
    Producer: Fuseya Hiroo
    Line Producers: Shiraishi Yoko, Abe Hiroko
    Cast, In cooperation with: Mori Shigeya
    Source: Shiraishi Yoko

    Ogawa Shinsuke was exploring the creation of a new documentary film that would focus on Filipina brides in Okura village, Yamagata Prefecture. Endeavoring to train his novice staff from the ground up as well as test his skill as a cinematographer, Ogawa filmed the landscape of Hijiori Hot Springs. He was planning to start full-scale filming, but was unable to because his health showed no sign of improvement. This is a film of raw footage roughly edited and completed by Tsuchimoto Noriaki for screening at the “Farewell Service to Ogawa Shinsuke” held at the Athénée Français Cultural Center after Ogawa passed away. It should be noted that this film is not a “finished work.”

    Made in the Philippines, To Fukuoka with Love

    Mula Pabrika Hanggang Fukuoka

    - THE PHILIPPINES / 1999 / Filipino, Japanese, English / Color / Video / 84 min

    Director, Photography, Sound: Ditsi Carolino, Sadhana Buxani
    Script, Producer: Ditsi Carolino
    Editing: Nonoy Dadivas, Ditsi Carolino
    Music: Ronnie Quesada
    Production Company: DocuPro
    Source: Yamagata Documentary Film Library

    This documentary is about Filipina workers. Elsa works long hours in a garments sweatshop, spends the night on the picket line and barely squeezes family time in between. In Fukuoka, three Filipinas give new meaning to the term “Japayuki.” Emily, Marlene and Kay are among those women, some married to Japanese men, who disclose their stories as entertainers in the nightlife district of Fukuoka.