Tomorrow’s a Day Away

Co-presented by: EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) JAPAN

The world’s tomorrow is just around the corner. These five films contemplate the way boys and girls, who hold our future in their hands, live day by day on this planet. This program is the first ever co-presented with EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) JAPAN.

In Let’s Be Together, a fourteen-year-old boy who loves cross-dressing faces his real father in Brazil, and comes to terms with his own turbulent adolescence. In Kites, a Polish filmmaker teaches filmmaking at Kabul’s Art School to Afghan youths who have survived the war. The Heart of Jenin portrays a Palestinian father who consents to donating the organs of his son, accidentally killed by the Israeli army, to children in Israel. In Rough Aunties Kim Longinotto of Divorce Iranian Style and Gaea Girls depicts the emotional healing of child victims of sexual abuse in South Africa. In Megunica, the surrealistic murals left behind by Italian street artist Blu as he travels through South America transform into animation before your eyes. The filmmakers from the EUNIC countries leap over borders and into the world!

Venue: Solaris 1

Let’s Be Together
DENMARK / 2008 / Video / 80 min
Director: Nanna Frank Møller

Oct. 10

POLAND / 2008 / Video / 79 min
Director: Beata Dzianowicz

Oct. 13

The Heart of Jenin
GERMANY / 2008 / Video / 89 min
Directors: Marcus Vetter, Lior Geller

Oct. 9

Rough Aunties
UK / 2008 / Video / 104 min
Director: Kim Longinotto

Oct. 12

ITALY / 2008 / Video / 83 min
Director: Lorenzo Fonda

Oct. 11