Cinema with Us 2013

Supported by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts GB Fund

(Extra) Ordinary Days in the Wake of Disaster

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. In October of the same year, we hastily organized this special program, which captures the confusion and lives of people immediately after the disaster through films and unedited images. Two years have past since the event, and after many screenings we are yet again organizing a program under the name “Cinema with Us.”

We live now in a post-quake era, in which things that have changed, things that have not changed, and things we are not sure which, intermingle. These films confront these (extra)ordinary days, providing a window through which we “people who live in disaster’s wake” can connect, despite our being out of phase with one another.

However, the films that have been selected for this program are less than ten percent of those I have had the opportunity to see. In these past two years there have been many “windows,” taking many different forms. I honestly cannot say whether all their facts and assertions are correct. Yet, without limiting ourselves to everyday correctness, I believe we can find the realities of others precisely in those things that some refuse to accept.

Ogawa Naoto
Program Coordinator