Yamagata Manabikan

Gallery Maki: Takashi Screenings 2005–2013 in Yamagata

Visual Anthropology Today
Yamagata University presents: Central and Eastern European Documentary Films After the End of the Cold War

Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop

What is Manabikan?
Yamagata Manabikan was converted from the Yamagata City Daiichi Elementary School, established in 1927. The building is now registered as a tangible national cultural property of Japan. Utilized as a facility to draw activities to the city center since 2010, it showcases information about attractive places, events, and products of Yamagata.

What’s Happening During the Film Festival?
The various screening events that take place in the theater room are full of hidden attractions. With screenings of works by New Asian Currents jurors and independent screenings of “brought-in” films, the festival is a veritable melting pot. domCafe, where you can enjoy food and drinks from Yamagata, is an oasis for those in need of a refreshing break during the festival.


Gallery Maki: Takashi Screenings 2005–2013 in Yamagata

“Quarterly Takashi,” a screening series held from 2005 to 2013 at Gallery Maki in Kayabacho, Tokyo, went into hietus after 17 installments. Films made by Takashi Toshiko from the “Itami Series” will be shown at the Manabi kan.