- KOREA / 2011 / Korean / Color / Blu-ray / 75 min

Director, Photography, Editing: Jung Jae-hoon
Music: Park Da-ham
Cast: Lee Myung-jae
World Sales: AHA
Source: Jung Jae-hoon

The camera attempts to control the viewer’s gaze and emotions as it tracks, stalker-like, the daily life of a man silently at work carrying drinks through a billiard hall, and washing cars at a gas station. In a world where all sensation of human contact or language has been cut away, the sound of machinery—the only “speech” we hear—carves the rhythm of the man’s life deep into our brain. The individuality of his human body erodes little by little, even while simultaneously seeking the right moment to overflow. This film portrays one man’s life as he goes back and forth between home and work: a certain uneasiness infiltrates everything, and somewhere, we hear the echoes of a scream.

[Director’s Statement] I focused on putting mysterious energy that has no name or identity into this film. So I shaved out every social relation, emotional change, symbol, and gender. I believe our real lives are hardly able to be captured by systematic frameworks and this belief led me onto a new road, made of the senses—growling sounds from a stomach; lightning in the night; sleep talking. At the same time, this road goes towards fiction, and I thought it would be possible for some of its energy to affect the real world, if I drew the characters using documentary moments in fictional frameworks. I made Hurrahh! wishing to warmly demonstrate the perpetually destructive power inherent in people’s raw expressions. Hurrahh! is both a science fiction / horror movie and a documentary.

- Jung Jae-hoon

Jung Jae-hoon was born in 1986, Seoul. He started filmmaking and directing with Someone’s Heart (2005), and various short works. He has made the feature films Hosu-gil (2009) and Hurrahh! (2011), and the short film Tenderly (2013). Turbulence at Dodoli Hill (2017), 212 minutes long, is his latest film.