Rough Cut Screenings and Discussion
[Venue] KUGURU (Tongari Bldg. 1F)  * Simultaneous interpretation / Free entry

October 7 (Sat) 17:00–20:00

Odoriko (tentative)

Director: Okutani Yoichiro (Japan)

All things must repeat the cycle of life and death constantly. Never interrupting the flow of time, they change and go. This being so, to what extent can I visualize and express these strip dancers—who come onto the stage and disappear—and their exposed skin in my documentary?

- Estellar (tentative)

Director: Jeffrie Po (The Philippines)

A painter named Pennecensio “Nonoy” Estarte talks about his early life in Zamboanga, with montage of his home studio and artworks. Next, an observational take on Nonoy as he sketches a theme park. He then shares his perspective on folklore, which he says inculcates culture and wisdom in people. Nonoy walks down a hallway, follows a voiceover of him talking about the Battle of Makahambus Hill during the Philippine-American war. Inside Makahambus Cave, Nonoy stands while a guardian appears before him.


October 9 (Mon) 10:30–13:30

Youth Rough Cut!

Local high school and college students take part in a public discussion at the film festival. A collaboration between Yamagata Rough Cut! and the Docu Yama Youth workshop.