Regarding the Organization of the Venues

There will be no assigned seating or numbered ticketing during the YIDFF 2019.

Seat Availability

Mini blog (Twitter)   twitter.com/yidff_8989   (in Japanese)

Docu Yama Live!

Check out the official festival blog! We will keep it updated with YIDFF symposiums, Q&A sessions with film directors at all venues, and events through the duration of the festival.

Docu Yama Live!   www.yidff-live.info

Please vote for the Citizens’ Prize!

Your vote could make the difference! Members of the public who visit the festival vote for their favorite films. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held on Wednesday, October 16.

Daily Bulletin

This Bulletin will be published every evening throughout the festival and will feature up-to-date YIDFF information and other exciting content such as director interviews. Volunteers assume responsibility for production and editing. The Bulletin will be distributed in all venues for the duration of the festival.


Sputnik is the official guide to YIDFF, packed with critical writing about the films and special programs to be screened, in addition to information about the festival itself. A must-have for anyone who enjoys thinking seriously about the films they watch.