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In Yamagata City (Hachimonjiya, Hachimonjiya Kita Branch, Onuma Department Store, Miyawaki Shoten Narisawa Branch), Komatsu Shoten, Tendo Hachimonjiya
Forum Yamagata, Solaris, Forum Higashine, Forum Sendai, Forum Fukushima, Forum Morioka, Forum Hachinohe, Forum Nasushiobara, Tsuruoka Machikine, Movie On Yamagata
Yamagata Citizens’ Hall, Manabia Terrace, Shoyo Plaza Net (NPO), Kawanishi Town Friendly Plaza, Yamakichi (Yamanobe Town), Shirataka Town Cultural Exchange Center Ayu-m, Yamagata Documentary Film Library, YIDFF (NPO) (Yamagata Office)
  Advance tickets Door sales
One Film 1,100 yen 1,300 yen
(Senior 1,100 yen)
Three Films 2,700 yen 3,200 yen
Ten Films 7,500 yen 9,000 yen
Festival Pass
Incl. official catalog and goods exchange voucher
July 4–Aug. 31:
11,000 yen
14,000 yen
Sept. 1–Oct. 9:
12,000 yen
  • Admission free for high school students and under (student I.D. required)
  • Seat reservation / numberd admission-ticket system is not available.
  • Yamagata Central Public Hall, Yamagata Citizens’ Hall, Forum Yamagata, Yamagata Museum of Art, Yamagata Manabikan and Bunshokan are equipped with handicapped-accessible restrooms. Those accompanying audience members carrying a certificate of physical or mental disability (shogaisha techo or ryoiku techo) may purchase same day tickets at the advance price of ¥1,100.