New Asian Currents Jurors

Lim Kah Wai (Filmmaker)

Born in Malaysia on July 28, 1973. He made his feature debut, After All These Years (2010), independently, in Beijing. His work is not limited by nationality or national border, and places he has made films include Osaka, China, Hong Kong, various Asian countries, and Eastern Europe.

Your Lovely Smile
JAPAN / 2022 / 103 min

Multiple award-winning film director Watanabe Hirobumi should have just kept releasing one film after the next. The reality was that no film companies were asking him to make anything, and even when he took an offer to write, though the project seemed suspicious , he was unable to write a script. But the Great Watanabe would not be stopped. He decided to travel to art cinemas all over Japan, as if this was his destiny. This is a road movie told with humor and fantasy, set in art cinemas, revealing the inside story of how independent film productions are brought to theaters.

Oct. 10 F5

Tan Kai Syng (Artist and academic)

A hyperactive artist-academic-advisor-agitator whose art catalyses new questions and action for change. In film, she works as director, producer, video artist and curator. Kai is currently Associate Professor in Arts and Cultural Leadership, University of Southampton.

Chlorine Addiction
SINGAPORE / 2000 / 44 min

A humorous audio-visual essay in ten chapters by a multi-artist who is addicted to swimming one kilometer per day. A tongue-in-cheek voice-over narration read at furious speed and a flood of colorful images whiz by. Experiencing this film is like getting drenched in a sudden thunderstorm known as Singapore and not unlike the thrill of knowing that swimming pool chlorine can seriously damage your health.

How To Thrive In 2050: 8 Tentacular Workouts For A Tantalising Future!
UK / 2021 / 14 min

During COVID-19, Tan Kai Syng turned into an octopus with the head of a pussycat. As this unique colorful character makes full use of her eight tentacles to play cheerleader and agitator, serious and playful, listener and mediator—examining the artful future from the stance of the present with other artists, in this full-on Octopussy performative short film.

Oct. 10 F5