Cinema with Us 2023

Supported by Kamei Foundation for the Promotion of Social Education


Since 2011 and the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have continued this program in an attempt to connect people and events through cinema. Twelve years (literally a full circle) later, what are we trying to carry on? As the natural environment and society undergo drastic change, some have swept the memory away to the back corners of their minds. The generations who don’t have first-hand recollection consider the events as something to “study.” However, are they really bygone? This seventh edition will aim to reconnect the past with the present and reflect for the future.

The Sound of Waves  Dir: Sakai Ko, Hamaguchi Ryusuke / JAPAN / 2011 / 142 min
Tsushima—Fukushima Speaks Part 2  Dir: Doi Toshikuni / JAPAN / 2023 / 193 min
Radio Shimo-kajiro—The Songs That Led Us Here Today  Dir: Komori Haruka / JAPAN / 2023 / 70 min

Cinema with Us