October 8 (Sun)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
IC International Competition
10:10-11:53 IC Eastern Front
13:20-14:38 IC The Island
16:05-19:20 IC Self-Portrait: 47KM 2020
  October 8 (Sun)  
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)

IC International Competition
10:15-12:20 IC “hibi” AUG
13:25-14:35 IC The Visit and a Secret Garden
15:40-17:48 IC Crossing Voices
18:55-20:15 IC Anhell69
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)

FL Film Letter to the Future
CU Cinema with Us
NS Noda Shinkichi Retrospective
10:00-11:08 FL Herman Slobbe / Blind Child 2
12:05-15:28 CU Tsushima: Fukushima Speaks Part 2
16:30-18:12 NS 7 Tying Land and Sea
Carrying the Olympics
Nitiray A La Carte
18:50-20:28 NS 8 A Town Not Yet Seen
The Loneliness of Two Long Distance Runners
Collapsed Swamp, or Painter Yamashita Kikuji
Mizutani Isao’s Wanderings through Ten Spiritual Worlds
+Talk: Oda Kaori
  October 8 (Sun)  
Forum 5

NAC New Asian Currents
JP Perspectives Japan
10:00-11:31 NAC L Radiance
12:30-14:10 NAC P Until the Stones Speak
15:10-16:30 NAC N Saving a Dragonfly
NAC D Flickering Lights
20:00-21:42 JP What Should We Have Done?
Forum 3

NAC New Asian Currents
10:10-11:13 NAC B Broken Whispers
12:40-13:49 NAC M Raise Me a Memory
14:50-16:23 NAC H Luo Luo’s Youth
17:20-18:25 NAC I Night Walk
19:30-20:43 NAC O Trip to Lost Days
Forum 2
18:00-19:30 CU Talk Session: Searching for Something to Share with the Generations Who Didn’t Experience It [Admission Free]
Speakers: Komori Haruka, Kikkawa Yoshie, Ogawa Naoto
  October 8 (Sun)  
Yamagata Creative
City Center
Q1 (2F)

UCC View People View Cities
Maru Maru Nights
10:00-11:10 UCC A Aqueducts
Late August [Admission Free]
13:00-14:02 UCC B Breathe
Fruits and Vegetables [Admission Free]
15:00-15:40 UCC C Under One Roof
Here and Here [Admission Free]
19:00-21:00   Small Gauge Film Archives Night [Admission Free]
Hosted by Digital Film Archives: What the Future Will Bring
Yamagata Creative
City Center
Q1 (2F)
Maru Maru Nights
18:00-20:00   Student Mixer Night! 2 [Admission Free]
Hosted by Kickstarter
Sponsored by Tohoku University of Art and Design, Japan Film School Association
  October 8 (Sun)  
BOTA theater
Maru Maru Nights
20:00-23:00   DIG! Documentary Records in YIDFF 2023
Hosted by Nondelaico LLC
Admission: 2,000 yen   * YIDFF festival pass and tickets cannot be used for admission.
  October 8 (Sun)  
Prefectural Hall

Event Square
17:00-18:30   Talk Session 2: Viewing the World from Tohoku [Admission Free]
Panelists: Fujioka Asako, Yamakawa Wataru, Azuma Asuka, Yoshino Aoi
18:30-20:04 DS A Bunch of Amateurs [Admission Free]

will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.
does not include film screenings.