Film Letter to the Future

Co-organized by Yamagata University Institute for Visual Arts and Science
In Cooperation with Lussas International Documentary Film Festival, Documentaire sur grand écran


To watch a movie is to encounter a life beyond one’s own. It means to consider that life, to be in awe of it. The hope of movies is that the voices coming through the screen and the answers they engender will reach someone, some set of young ears, somewhere in some future. YIDFF has been holding youth-targeted viewing programs and workshops and supported the activities of high school students of the Docuyama Youth initiative. This year, the festival will screen short films by Dutch filmmaker Johan van der Keuken (1938–2001), including one about a child whose innocence lights up a dark and unfair world, followed by a workshop (Free admission for high school and university students. Pre-registration required).

Herman Slobbe / Blind Child 2  Dir: Johan van der Keuken / THE NETHERLANDS / 1966 / 29 min
Beppie  Dir: Johan van der Keuken / THE NETHERLANDS / 1965 / 38 min
Workshop facilitator
Christophe Postic (Co-artistic Director of Lussas International Documentary Film Festival)
Nishino Madoka (Filmmaker)