Tokyo Trial Part 3: The Attack on Pearl Harbor
1947 / B&W / 35mm / 19 min
Production Company: Nippon Eigasha
Yanagisawa Hisao

A record of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (the Tokyo Tribunal). Part Three follows Part One, The Class A War Criminal Defendants and Part Two, Under the Flag of Peace.

Coal Mine

1947 / B&W / 35mm / 33 min
Production Company: Nippon Eigasha
Director: Ito Sueo, Yanagisawa Hisao
Photography: Kawaguchi Kazuo, Hashimoto Tadashi
Scripter: Sato Hajime

Against the backdrop of Japan's snowy north, this film depicts the never-ending struggle of coal miners working under the desperate conditions that followed the end of the war.

The Mt. Fuji Observatory

1948 / B&W / 35mm / 21 min
Production Company: Nippon Eigasha,
Central Meteorological Observatory
Director, Script: Yanagisawa Hisao
Photography: Nakamura Seiji
Sound: Sakai Eizo

In this film, which is considered one of his most representative, Yanagisawa documents those who work at Mt. Fuji's snow-covered summit making meteorological observations.

Living on the Sea
1949 / B&W / 35mm / 32 min
Production Company: Nippon Eigasha
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao, Kabashima Seiichi
Script: Takeuchi Shinji
Photography: Hayashida Shigeo, Shimizu Hiroshi, Sekiguchi Toshio, Yamaguchi Jiro

Filmed under difficult conditions, this film documents the real conditions of the bottom trawling-fishing industry as it operates in the waters of the East China and the Yellow seas.

A Mine in Hida

1949 / B&W / 35mm / 26 min
Production Company: Nippon Eigasha
Planning: Kamioka Kogyo
Director: Yanagisawa Hisao Script: Seki Tadashi

This painstaking work documents the workers and production methods at the Hida Kamioka Mine. After Yanagisawa later learned this locale was the site of the Jintsu River cadmium poisoning (itai-itai disease), he remembered the film as one where he had "made a mistake." In later years, Yanagisawa became deeply involved in filmmaking for social causes, and his experience with this film can be understood as an important impetus in that direction.

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