The Apprentice

JAPAN / 1999 /Japanese Color / 8mm / 80 min

Director, Photography, Editing:
Manabe Kaori
Cooperation: Image Forum
Source: Manabe Kaori

Manabe Kaori

Class of 1999 at the Image Forum Institute of Moving Image. No prior experience with films before studying at Image Forum. This is a graduation film.

A filmmaker has become interested in an old man fishing in a pond - a sight she has seen again and again from the window of a train. As she prepares to talk to him about filming, she must confront her own feelings and face the danger of filming. It is a strangely comforting 8mm history about a sometimes heated and sometimes father-daughter like communication between a "nine-month-old" female filmmaker and a fifty-year-old self-acclaimed male artist.
- Masuya Shuichi

Director's Statement

I think over how mysterious it is, not only to meet this man and his wife, but to meet anyone for that matter, as I became friends with people who saw my work at the Image Forum Institute. I am excited that this film festival has become yet another place to meet and for us to be known.
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COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee