Artists in Wonderland
JAPAN / 1998 / Japanese with English subtitles / Color / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / 93 min

Director, Editing:Sato Makoto
Cinematography:Tashima Seizo & Otsu Koshiro
Sound:Kubota Yukio
Music: Inoue Yosui
Production Company, Source:Siglo Ltd.
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Tokyo 164-0001
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Satoh Makoto

Born in Hirosaki city, Aomori in 1957. Assistant Director for The Innocent Sea in 1981. Assistant for Director Kagami Yoichi in 1985. As director, he lived with the film crew for Living on the River Agano from 1988 until the completion of the film in 1992. That film won a number of awards including the Prize for Excellence at YIDFF '93. Has worked in numerous fields such as editing and production for film and TV and organizing film festivals.

This film, about seven artists with disabilities, reveals how appealing art can be born from unusual asocial values. Director Sato Makoto's mobile style turns a difficult and serious theme into a genial and interesting piece. This shows his distinct eye for film, a quality that gives the work a refreshing touch.
- Masuya Shuichi

Director's Statement
I did not make this film to show the relationship between art and mental disability but rather because I thought I'd like to use the works of so-called mentally disabled people to think about the very essence of art. In the world of art, common sense is the way to ordinary boredom. Rather, to the degree one "negates" common sense, that is the nature of better art. It is overturning this value that is exciting and interesting. Therefore, I submit the common sensical notion of beauty to a disruptive blade, and if I am not careful, it will be my own common sense and my entire self that will be shredded by that blade.
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