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The Film School of Tokyo

Katakura Bldg. 1F, 3-1-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 JAPAN
Phone: 81-3-5205-3565 Fax: 81-3-5205-3566
E-mail: info@eigabigakkou.com URL: www.eigabigakkou.com

A training institution for the practical study of filmmaking, started in 1997 as a co-operative project between Athénée Français Cultural Center and Eurospace. Became an independent institution after being certified as a non-profit organization in 2000. Aims to provide an environment for people of all ages with varied work experience to learn the theory and practice of cinematic expression and create high- quality works. In 1999, a documentary workshop was started with director Sato Makoto appointed as head lecturer.

- GO! GO! fanta-G

2001 / Color / Video / 22 min

Director: Shimizu Hiroyuki

Mahjong, tennis, American movies, mystery novels, video games . . . That’s how dad seemed to spend his days. So it was quite a surprise when he joined the controversial Society for Making New History Textbooks. This work observes daily life with a camera, reconstructed through the son’s “subjectivity.”

Shimizu Hiroyuki

Born in 1967 in Tokyo. After graduating from Keio University in 1990, began working for a TV ad production company. Joined the Film School of Tokyo documentary workshop in 1999. Has produced trailers for films including The New God and A2.


- The Way of Making Clay

(“Nendo ga dekiru made”)

2002 / Color / Video / 27 min

Director, Editing: Tamura Ichiro
Photography: Okutsu Aya
Sound: Tomita Nobuyasu
Camera Assistant: Kishi Yuki

A rustic village in the outskirts of Mashiko-machi, Tochigi Prefecture. The clay for pottery is produced by hand, following traditional methods. The tranquil passing of time is reflected by the camera, which silently continues capturing the daily work of one man. A study for “The Way of Making” seminar at the Film School of Tokyo.

Tamura Ichiro

Born in 1980 in Hokkaido. Studied at the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences at Yokohama National University under film critic Umemoto Yoichi, and studied documentary film at the Film School of Tokyo from 2001. Currently working on his next school project.


- Hinosato

2002 / Color / Video / 43 min

Director, Editing: Iioka Yukiko
Photography: Kitano Nao
Sound: Kawano Megumi

Grandfather was a high school art teacher in Hinosato, an area of Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture. Many people in town are related, and the oil paintings grandfather did are still there. But it isn’t these circumstances that the film is trying to explain. Rather, this film depicts the town, capturing scenes as if the camera has become transparent.

Iioka Yukiko

Born in 1976. Participated in the Film School of Tokyo documentary workshop. Directed Oedipus Rex/Ku Na’uka in 2002, which was screened at the 6th Art Documentary Film Festival in Tokyo.

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