YIDFF 2005 Information

Other Screenings

Special Invitation Films

By YIDFF ’99 International Competition award winning director of Images of the Absence, German Kral, the fictional documentary Música Cubana under the lead of Wim Wenders, follows Pío Leiva who appeared in Buena Vista Social Club from the time they were formed to their Japanese tour. The monumental work of the director Oh Deok-soo The Story of Koreans in Postwar Japan: Zainichi investigates the 50 year history of Koreans residing in Japan. And for the closing, the director Sato Makoto’s new film Out of Place which follows in the footsteps of Edward W Said will be shown.

Venues: Central Public Hall 6F, Forum 5

Symposium at Sakura

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this café, built into the renovated Sakura building facing the Nanoka-machi Ichibangai shopping street that connects the Festival site and Muse. In the evenings, Film Festival symposia will be held here. Entry to all discussion and lecture programs at Sakura will be free of charge.

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