YIDFF 2009
International Competition
  • Because We Were Born
  • Driving Men
  • Encirclement
    —Neo-Liberalism Ensnares Democracy
  • The Fortress
  • I am Von Höfler (Variation on Werther)
  • Japan: A Story of Love and Hate
  • The Lightning Testimonies
  • The Mother
  • The New Rijksmuseum
  • Oblivion
  • The Pier of Apolonovka
  • RiP! A Remix Manifesto
  • Staub (Dust)
  • Z32
  • The Mother

    SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, RUSSIA / 2007 / Russian / Color / Video / 80 min
    Antoine Cattin, Pavel Kostomarov


    Liubov (Liuba) has run away from her abusive husband with her nine children through the snowfields of Russia. Her life as a dairy farmer, caring for her children with the help of her eldest daughter amidst violence and angry voices, is drenched in vodka and poverty.

    Oct. 9 A6 | Oct. 10 CL

    link Interview