Double Shadows—Talking about Films that Talk about Films

October 9–14   [Venues] Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F, Yamagata Museum of Art 1, 2, 5,
Forum 4, 5


Are films that talk about films only for connoisseurs of the silver screen? It’s plain that places where we can discuss films that we’ve just seen are disappearing from our lives, even if we don’t mention the “vanishing cinephile” or the “death of film.” This program, held some 120 years since the advent of cinema, will highlight works whose theme or subject is the history of film or film itself.

The film and its shadow—where they overlap might lead you on a journey to find yourself. The home movies taken by our family members are films we have watched since childhood, transmitting to us the images of a certain time and history. However, these experiments not only constitute personal memory, but simultaneously inscribe us into time. The past stops being the past, disrupting the distance between film and audience. By pursuing the flow of a vast amount of private images, our homeland may be revived; making connections among the footage may breathe new life into our existence. Or perhaps through the overlapping of multiple images, a new perspective on things that have been marginalized and forgotten will begin to emerge. The screenings, symposium, and exhibit in this program will offer an opportunity for us to transcend any exclusionary tendencies we may have regarding films that talk about films, and truly explore the role of cinematic memory today.

Visit or Memories and Confessions  Dir: Manoel De Oliveira / 1982 / 68 min (YIDFF 2015 Opening Screening)

When Cinema Reflects the Times—Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Edward Yang  Dir: Kore-eda Hirokazu / 1993 / 47 min [Admission Free]
+ Talk: Akiyama Tamako (Rikkyo University), Abé Mark Nornes ( University of Michigan)
Behind the Flickering Light  Dir: Hafiz Rancajale / 2013 / 155 min (Asia Film Communities)
Los Angeles Plays Itself  Dir: Thom Andersen / 2003 / 170 min

France Is Our Mother Country  Dir: Rithy Panh / 2014 / 75 min (Special Invitation Film)

Image of the Orient—Vandal Tourism  Dir: Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi / 2001 / 62 min
Nice—A propos de Jean Vigo  Dir: Manoel de Oliveira / 1983 / 58 min
Jean-Luc Godard, Disorder Exposed  Dir: Olivier Bohler, Cêline Gailleurd / 2012 / 65 min
Remake, Remix, Rip-off  Dir: Cem Kaya / 2014 / 96 min

Me and My Brother  Dir: Robert Frank / 1969 / 91 min
Nitrate Flames  Dir: Mirco Stopar / 2014 / 61 min
Red Ashes  Dir: Adriano Aprà, Augusto Contento / 2013 / 60 min
The Search for Emak Bakia  Dir: Oskar Alegria / 2012 / 84 min
Cinéastes de notre temps: John Cassavetes  Dir: André S. Labarthes, Hubert Knapp / 1969 / 49 min
A Movie?  Dir: Morita Yoshimitsu / 1971 / 31 min

It All Started at the End  Dir: Luis Ospina / 2015 / 208 min
Original Copy  Dir: Heinzen-Ziob & Georg Heinzen / 2015 / 95 min

Discovering Images—The Age of Matsumoto Toshio  Dir: Tsutsui Takefumi / 2015 / 700 min
Part1: Documentary Film (137 min)
Part2: Expanded Cinema (153 min)
Part3: Feature Films (140 min)
Part4: Experimental Cinema (109 min)

Part5: A New Wave (161 min)