Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop

Grant: The Japan Foundation Asia Center Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration

October 5–10   [Place] Yamagata Manabikan

The Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop will take place for the forth time during YIDFF 2015. This project encourages thoughtful writing on and discussion of cinema, while offering aspiring film critics the chance to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of a film festival.

Participants will receive guidance from professional film critics while writing their own articles about films, which will be published during the festival. Through this process, participants will have the chance to consider and to put into practice the role of film criticism in making possible a deeper and wider appreciation of documentary cinema.

Supported by Japan Foundation Asia Center, we have aspiring film critics the opportunity to take part from Southeast Asia.

The workshop, conducted in both English and Japanese, will be led by film critics Chris Fujiwara, and Kitakoji Takashi.

Texts by participants will be updating at DOCU-YAMA LIVE!

Docu-Yama Live! website: Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop