The Endurance and Future of 8mm Movies

In January of this year, Fujifilm, the last domestic manufacturer and distributor of 8mm film, withdrew its April 2006 announcement that it would cease production and instead announced that it would continue making 8mm film for at least another 3–5 years. It is impressive that the driving force behind the reversal was the passionate messages from the Committee for the Perpetuation of Film Culture (Firumu Bunka o Sonzoku Saseru Kai) and other 8mm film lovers. Held in conjunction with the Tohoku University of Art & Design’s Art Festival, this special event features screenings of the latest from the Fukuoka-based Personal Focus 8mm 3-minute-film festival, which has existed for 20 years, since the heyday of 8mm filmmaking, as well as a symposium examining future possibilities for continuation and preservation of the medium.

Venues: Tohoku University of Art & Design, Design Jisshu-to B, Media Arts Studio
Cooperation: Committee for the Perpetuation of Film Culture, Film Makers Field

  October 6 (Sat)  
    12:00   21st-Century 8mm Filmmakers  
14:00   Legendary 8mm Masterpieces
16:00   Personal Focus 2007
  October 7 (Sun)  
    12:00   Personal Focus 2007 Extras and Fukuma Yoshio’s Personal Focus Works  
14:00   Symposium: Contemplating the Future of 8mm Film
  • For this program only, a single ticket is valid for all screenings on a specific day.
  • This program will be screened with no English subtitles and simultaneous translation via earphone.