Other Screenings

Special Invitation Films

At the Opening Ceremony, we will show Ogawa Shinsuke’s Magino Story—Pass which is about Makabe Jin, a poet from Yamagata, and for the Closing Ceremony, Fujiwara Toshi’s Cinema Is about Documenting Lives: The Works and Times of Noriaki Tsuchimoto, portraying director Tsuchimoto Noriaki. In addition, we will show Tsuchimoto Noriaki’s An Engineer’s Assistant and Fishing Moon. Also, in memory of directors Kuroki Kazuo, Matsukawa Yasuo, and Imamura Shohei, we will show Silence Has No Wings and A History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess. Furthermore, there will be a multiscreen showing of films that look at Palestine and Taiwan, even while prodding the current situation in Japan, made by a filmmaking group centering around director Nunokawa Tetsuro.

Venues: Central Public Hall 6F, Central Public Hall 4F


New Docs Japan

This is your chance to watch the cream of the newest documentaries from Japan! Introducing The Ants, which swept box offices in 2006; A Permanent Part-timer in Distress, about a young factory worker who sees no way out of society’s rigid constraints; Campaign, a direct-cinema approach to the conservative LDP party’s election machine; People Crossing the River, about a heartfelt exchange between Koreans and Japanese who shoulder a shared history; The Women the War Left Behind, a striking and sensitive debut film about the life of a Japanese woman left behind in China after WWII; and Ghada: Songs of Palestine, a 12-year portrait of a Palestinian woman.

Venues: Muse 1, Forum 5


YIDFF Network Special Screenings

A Movie Capital Again Iizuka Toshio
The Cats of Mirikitani Linda Hattendorf
Pahenlo Oki Hiroyuki, Maeda Shinjiro, Nakazawa Hideki, Nishimura Tomomi and more
Pride in Blue Nakamura Kazuhiko

Venues: Central Public Hall 4F, Muse 1, Forum 5


Talking about Japanese Docs

A focus on the Japanese documentary industry presents four lectures discussing international co-production for Japanese documentaries (J-Pitch Seminars). Apart from Oct. 5, where international sales agent / producer Esther van Messel will speak about the global documentary market, there will be no English translation for this program.

AND presents: Sound and Documentary

From shooting to post-production, digital video allows us to make films all alone. But working alone can mean overlooking important things—like sound. Lectures by masters of sound on Oct. 9 and 10 will provide an opportunity to reevaluate the influential power of sound in documentary. In partnership, NHK’s long-running radio documentary program “Soundscape” will be played each evening at the main festival theater. Let’s open our ears to sounds in the dark.