October 11 (Tue)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F

International Competition
10:00-11:01   Nomad’s Home
12:15-14:06   Position among the Stars
15:00-16:33   The Woman with the 5 Elephants
17:30-19:11   Armadillo
  October 11 (Tue)  
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)
Cinema with Us
International Competition
Juror’s Film
10:00-12:15 Ashes to Honey
13:30-16:02   What Is to Be Done?
17:00-18:06 Kula—Argonauts of the Western Pacific
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)

Islands / I Lands
New Docs Japan
10:00-11:00 Following to Suite Habana III
Cuba Sentimental
12:10-13:22 Immigrants Island I
The Island of Youth
14:30-16:02 Immigrants Island II
Dance of Time
17:10-18:23 Goodbye UR—Japanese Social Housing Crisis
19:15-20:47 Yes, I Am Here
Yamagata Citizens’ Hall Gallery Space
    Exhibition of Cuban Cinema Posters [Admission Free] (Add)
  October 11 (Tue)  
Forum 3

A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later
New Asian Currents
Art Documentary Program
09:30-11:00 Grandma’s Hairpin
12:00-14:06 Annyong Kimchi
Live Tape
16:00-17:21   New Asian Currents Special Invitation Film
Aoluguya, Aoluguya . . .
18:00-19:38   Art Documentary Program
Roundabout, Colors of Soundsteps
20:20-21:35   Art Documentary Program
Water Children
Forum 5
New Asian Currents
Juror’s Film
10:30-12:24 C Bassidji  
14:00-19:34 Documentary Zuno Keisatsu
Forum 4

A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later
13:30-14:36 I Love (080)  
15:20-17:22 Young at Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders
18:30-19:26 Swimming on the Highway
20:05-22:16 The Stages
  October 11 (Tue)  
Yamagata Manabikan Event Room 1
10:30-12:30   Showa Housekeeping 1 [Admission Free]
12:30-13:30   Lecture: Koizumi Kazuko (dir. Showa Housekeeping) [Admission Free]
14:00-19:00   Showa Housekeeping 2–4 [Admission Free]
Basement Gallery
    Tokairin Haruya Photo Exhibition: The World of Indigenous Vegetables [Admission Free]

[Last updated: 2011-10-01]

will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.
does not include film screenings.

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