Tan: The Way of the Master Swordsmith KANBAYASHI Tsunehira

JAPAN / 2023 / 12 min
Nagaoka Hiroaki


All for the sake of making “strong and beautiful” Japanese swords. There was once a major battle dubbed “The Sekigahara of the North” in Hasedo, Yamagata City, and the sounds of sword-making still echo in this centuries-old battlefield. KANBAYASHI Tsunehira is the sole swordsmith in Yamagata, and was granted mukansa status, the highest rank for a swordsmith, at the age of 36. He is over 70, and being one of the world’s top swordsmiths does not stop him from aiming higher. What lies at the heart of his continuous efforts to forge steel and to forge himself? This documentary film explores his passion for making Japanese swords.

Oct. 7 Q1