New Asian Currents Special [Presentation]

In-Docs—In a Huge Land Full of Strife

- In-Docs
Yayasan Masyarakat Mandiri Film Indonesia

Jl. Sutan Syahrir 1C/Blok 3-4
Jakarta 10350 INDONESIA
Phone: 62-21-3192-5113 / 5115
Fax: 62-21-3192-5360
E-mail: indocs@cbn.net.id URL: www.in-docs.com

-The collapse of Suharto’s thirty-two years of authoritarian rule was a transforming event for Indonesian documentary, once derided as political propaganda. Works have embarked on historical examinations of politically sensitive issues, including Mass Grave: Indonesia (dir: Lexy Jr. Rambadeta), the first documentary in Indonesia to cover the 1965-66 Red Massacre, and the theatrically-released Student Movement in Indonesia “The Army Forced Them to Be Violent” (dir: Tino Saroengallo), depicting the 1998 student protests that forced Suharto from power. At the same time, an organization called In-Docs has done remarkable work in supporting such documentarists. YIDFF invites In-Docs representatives and an up-and-coming filmmaker to present their activities and screen clips from recent work.

In-Docs Activities

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago and has over 300 different ethnic groups. In-Docs was launched in 2002 with financial support from the U.S.-based Ford Foundation to promote documentary filmmaking throughout the country. Activities include production support, regular screenings, and outreach through a newsletter and website. The group receives no public funds, and promotes filmmaking at a grassroots level.

Activities began through researching documentaries produced in five major cities and creating a database and video library. 257 works have been cataloged, along with 160 filmmakers.

Monthly screenings are held at galleries in Jakarta and other cities to facilitate exchange between filmmakers. The screenings bring together some seventy participants, and directors talk about their work and heated discussions delve into questions of methodology and other aspects of documentary filmmaking. In 2003, twenty Indonesian documentaries toured seven cities around the country. The Surabaya and Bali screenings were particularly stimulating.

Junior Camp
-A two-week documentary training program is held for high school students in local communities. Teenagers learn how to confront social problems through documentary filmmaking. In-Docs has so far produced two series, in Kelapa Island in northern Jakarta and Bandung, West Java. These have toured other high schools in a visual literacy program called Junior Camp Traveling.

Development Lab
-Provides an opportunity to work with professionals. In 2002, five documentary proposals were selected from thirty-five applications to participate in a six-month development program, with the input of instructors from overseas during shooting. The instructors held intensive discussion sessions with the filmmaking teams during short two-week stays in Jakarta, and continue working with the projects through completion via email correspondence.

In-Docs Abroad
Each year a promising filmmaker is selected to attend an international documentary event, providing an opportunity to see documentaries from around the world. This year, Tonny Trimarsanto will participate in YIDFF 2003.

Other Activities
In-Docs maintains contacts with television networks and promotes Indonesian documentaries for broadcast.

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