YIDFF 2005 Information

October 8 (Sat)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00   Moving Adult Cats
12:20   In the Shadow of the Palms—Iraq
15:10   Africa United
18:30   Before the Flood
  Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

all about me?
10:00 seeking remnants
Pizzet (Maybe the Last Year)
Memories of Agano
13:00 resurrecting memory
Moving Pictures
the present
  October 8 (Sat)  
  Muse 1

New Asian Currents
New Docs Japan
10:30 1 Last House Standing
Blossoming in the Wind
13:30 2 Keep the Change
Chen Lu
Fort of the Fabrications
16:30 3 Try to Remember
19:00 12 Fluiding Stage
The Sound of Footsteps on the Pavement
22:00 Japan’s Peace Constitution
  Muse 2
New Asian Currents
15:30 The House Masters
18:00 15 Diminishing Memories
The Spirit of 8
  Cinema Asahi 2   (Yamagata International Movie Festival)  
  October 8 (Sat)  
  Forum 4

—What It Means to Live in Japan
10:00 A-1

A Filmmaker with Three Names
Nippon Presents

12:00 A-2 The Man with Two Names
Homeless Angel
15:10 A-3
Young Flying Corps
Children of the Base
Children of Korea
17:10 B Liberation News
Japanese Newsreels
Choren News
Chongryon Review
21:00 O By a Man’s Face Shall You Know Him
  Forum 5
International Competition
13:00   The Virgin of Palermo
15:30   Rehearsals
18:10   The 3 Rooms of Melancholia
20:40   Foreland
  October 8 (Sat)  
all about me?
16:30 Panel: Memories—Cinema as a way of remembering/recreating [Admission Free]

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.

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