YIDFF 2005 Information

October 9 (Sun)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00   Final Solution
14:00   Cinéma Invisible—The Book
16:20   Route 181—Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel
Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

all about me?
New Docs Japan
10:00 beyond self-importance
“hibi” 13 full moons
13:00 beyond self-importance
Gambling, Gods and LSD
17:00 to undress
Mother of the Mother and Also the Mother of the Mother’s Mother, and Her Daughter
At the Parishes
19:00 GENKI Love
  October 9 (Sun)  
Muse 1

New Asian Currents
New Docs Japan
10:30 16 Chronicle of the Sea, Nan-Fang-Ao
13:00 6 Innocent
16:00 5 Hammer and Flame
President Mir Qanbar
18:30 7 The Cheese & the Worms
21:00 Into the Picture Scroll—The Tale of Yamanaka Tokiwa
Muse 2
New Asian Currents
14:30 Radio Mihu
Appearance by all FullShot members
19:00 14 Don’t Forget Me
The Island at the End of the World
  Cinema Asahi 2   (Yamagata International Movie Festival)  
  October 9 (Sun)  
Forum 4

—What It Means to Live in Japan
10:00 N That Is the Sky Over Seoul
Lecture: Yi Hyo-in (Director of Korean Film Archive)
15:40 O The Brick Factory Girl
17:10 O Red Tengi
Lecture: Monma Takashi (Film Critic)
A Silver Hairpin
Forum 5
International Competition
Special Invitation Films
13:00   Justice
15:30   Darwin’s Nightmare
17:20   The People of Angkor
20:40 Música Cubana
  October 9 (Sun)  
all about me?
19:30 Panel: Voyeurism and Healing the Self [Admission Free]
  Tohoku University
of Art & Design
Yunnan Visual Forum
9:00   New Initiatives in Visual Anthropology (TUAD Library, Studio144)  
13:30   Visual Anthropology Forum (TUAD Library, Studio144)

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.

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