YIDFF 2005 Information

October 10 (Mon)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00   Foreland
12:30   The 3 Rooms of Melancholia
15:30   Justice
18:40   Rehearsals
Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

all about me?
YIDFF Network Special Screening
10:00 the first person voice
Correspondence 10
Lucky Jack—Three Attempts to Stop Smoking
After All, I’m 70 Years Old
14:00 the political is personal, too
The Parade (Our History)
16:30   YIDFF Network Special Screening
Kiba Tokyo Micropole / Sumeba Miyako
Kikyo: Our Time with Ogawa Shinsuke
  October 10 (Mon)  
Muse 1

New Asian Currents
New Docs Japan
10:30 9 Yesterday Today Tomorrow
13:00 10 Back to the Soil
15:10 8 Dear Pyongyang
18:00 13 The Pot
until when . . .
21:00 And Life Goes On
Muse 2
New Asian Currents
New Docs Japan
12:30 A Taste of Plum
16:00 12 Fluiding Stage
The Sound of Footsteps on the Pavement
18:30 Marines Go Home!—Henoko, Maehyang-ri, Yausubetsu
  Cinema Asahi 2
New Asian Currents
10:30   (YMF Award Screening)
12:30 3 Try to Remember
15:00 4 White Tower
17:30 1 Last House Standing
Blossoming in the Wind
20:30 11 Things That We Shouldn’t Do
Mad Minutes
  October 10 (Mon)  
Forum 4

—What It Means to Live in Japan
10:00 D-1

Children of Japan
Song of the Japan Sea

12:20 D-2

The Forgotten Imperial Army
Civic War
A Woman Diver in the Big City
Summer in Osaka
14:50 I-1
To the People of the World
The Other Hiroshima
17:00 I-2 Talk: Pak Su-nam
Voices from Okinawa
20:10 C Snow Melts in Spring
Forum 5
International Competition
13:00   Final Solution
16:30   About a Farm
18:20   Moving Adult Cats
20:20   Before the Flood
  October 10 (Mon)  
all about me?
17:30 Lecture: Swiss public support for the arts [Admission Free]
Panel: The body and subjectivity [Admission Free]

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.

=Will be screened with subtitles and Q&A sessions will be conducted
with sign language interpreters for the hearing-impaired.

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