YIDFF 2011
New Asian Currents
  • All Restrictions End
  • Amin
  • Bassidji
  • A Brief History of Memory
  • Children of Soleil
  • Gift
  • Hard Rails across a Gentle River
  • Iranian Cookbook
  • My Own City
  • On the Way to the Sea
  • Prison and Paradise
  • The Red Rain on the Equator
  • Self-Portrait with Three Women
  • The Shepherd’s Story / Shinjuku 2009 + Ogaki 2010
  • Thatched Cottages on the Enclave
  • A Trip to the Barbershop
  • Unreal Forest
  • Water Hands
  • we began by measuring distance
  • We’ve never seen a night which has finished by reaching a day
  • The Woman, the Orphan, and the Tiger
  • World without Shadow
  • Yongsan
  • Yuguo and His Mother
  • World without Shadow

    MALAYSIA / 2011 / Malay / Color / Video / 90 min
    Khoo Eng Yow


    In the Malaysian state of Kelantan, tossed about by politics, the shadow play of Wayang Kulit traces a steady decline. Using the framework of the play and operating in the space between politics and art, the director follows the lives of artists who carry on this tradition despite all odds.

    Oct. 7 F5 | Oct. 9 F3