YIDFF 2013
International Competition
  • The Act of Killing
  • Bajarí: Gypsy Barcelona
  • Boundary
  • Char . . . The No-man’s Island
  • A Gift from the Sky
  • Motherland or Death
  • Once I Entered a Garden
  • The Other Day
  • Parts of a Family
  • The Punk Syndrome
  • Revision
  • Stories We Tell
  • Tour of Duty
  • Voices from the Waves
  • A World Not Ours
  • Bajarí: Gypsy Barcelona

    SPAIN / 2012 / Spanish / Color / 84 min
    Eva Vila


    A talent for flamenco dancing is believed to be passed down exclusively through bloodlines. For Barcelona’s Gypsy community, it cannot be learned at school or on paper: It is nurtured within the home and at bars, and perfected on the street corner. This film features two promising dancers—Karime Amaya, whose aunt was a legendary dancer, and who attracts audiences with her outstanding footwork, and little Juanito Manzano who danced his first steps to earn his new glittering flamenco boots. The passionate atmosphere of Barcelona, the tight-knit Gypsy community and the dancers’ constant efforts to inherit the flamenco legacy fascinate the viewer.

    Oct. 11 CL | Oct. 14 A6