YIDFF 2013
International Competition
  • The Act of Killing
  • Bajarí: Gypsy Barcelona
  • Boundary
  • Char . . . The No-man’s Island
  • A Gift from the Sky
  • Motherland or Death
  • Once I Entered a Garden
  • The Other Day
  • Parts of a Family
  • The Punk Syndrome
  • Revision
  • Stories We Tell
  • Tour of Duty
  • Voices from the Waves
  • A World Not Ours
  • Once I Entered a Garden

    FRANCE, ISRAEL, SWITZERLAND / 2012 / Hebrew, Arabic / Color / 97 min
    Avi Mograbi


    In the “Old Middle East,” communities were not divided along ethnic or religious lines, and borders did not exist, not even metaphorically. Israel-born Avi’s and his Arabic teacher and old friend, Palestinian, Ali’s joint-adventure takes them to their own and each other’s communal histories. The Middle East of yore—the one in which they could coexist effortlessly—resurfaces with commensurate ease through their journey. Director Avi Mograbi received Runner-Up Prize at the YIDFF ’99 International Competition with Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi, and his Z32 was screened at the YIDFF 2009 International Competition.

    Oct. 12 A6 | Oct. 13 CL