Associated Program
Documentary Speaks—Taiwan Today in Light and Shadow

Presented by Yamagata University Institute of Visual Culture, Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan)

October 9–11   [Venue] Yugakukan   [Admission] Admission free

Yamagata University Institute of Visual Culture and Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture host this program featuring the rise and spread of Taiwan documentary after the 1990s. Documentary became a mirror reflecting the changes of Taiwan society—it shows us the reality of people’s lives tossed about by politics (old KMT veterans, survivors of the 1999 earthquake, farmers struggling in the WTO market), and it is an artistic tool of self affirmation for minority communities. Zero Chou, Hoho Liu, and Mayau Bihow will speak about their filmmaking and how their films have empowered LGBT and indigenous people. Produced to commemorate fifty years of the Golden Horse Awards, The Moment gives us a chronicle of Taiwanese society through cinema history. The last day of the program will feature papers presented by illustrious scholars and a roundtable discussion.

The Moment  Dir: Yang Li-zhou / 2014 / 113 min
+ Talk: Yang Li-zhou
Hard Good Life  Dir: Hsu Hui-ju / 2003 / 43 min
The Spirit of 8  Dir: Li Chia-hua / 2003 / 60 min
A Rolling Stone  Dir: Shen Ko-shang / 2012 / 54 min
Corner’s  Dir: Zero Chou, Hoho Liu / 2001 / 66 min
+ Talk: Zero Chou, Hoho Liu
Three Fork Village  Dir: Chen Liang-feng / 2005 / 144 min
The Last Rice Farmers  Dir: Yen Lan-chuan, Juang Yi-tseng / 2005 / 108 min
Young at Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders  Dir: Yang Li-zhou / 2011 / 104 min
As Life, As Pangcah  Dir: Mayaw Biho / 1998 / 28 min
Malakacaway—The Rice Wine Filler  Dir: Mayaw Biho / 2009 / 70 min
+ Talk: Mayaw Biho
Chen Tsai-gen and His Neighbors  Dir: Wu Yii-feng / 1996 / 90 min
Lecture & Symposium: Taiwan Today in Light and Shadow