October 13 (Sun)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F

International Competition
10:00-11:39   Motherland or Death
12:45-15:18   A Gift from the Sky—The Tragedy of Hsiaolin Village, Part 2
16:30-17:55   The Punk Syndrome
19:00-20:28   Char . . . The No-man’s Island
  October 13 (Sun)  
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)

International Competition
10:00-11:36   Boundary
12:30-14:32   The Other Day
15:30-17:07   Once I Entered a Garden
18:00-20:40   The Act of Killing
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)
10:00-   Reading: “Le Dépays” by Etienne Sandrin and Fukuzaki Yuko [Admission Free] (Add)
12:30-14:00   The Train Rolls On
The Battle of Ten Million
14:30-18:45   A Grin Without a Cat
19:30-21:10   Sans soleil
  October 13 (Sun)  
Forum 5

New Asian Currents
10:30-12:29 H Mrs. Bua’s Carpet
We Want (U) to Know
14:00-15:16 O Tondo Beloved
17:00-18:13 K Summer Days in Bloom
20:00-22:30 M Jalan Jati—Teak Road
In-Between Days
Forum 3

Perspectives Japan
New Asian Currents
10:00-12:00 Storytellers
13:30-19:00 I Raging Land 3: Three Valleys
N To Sing To Live
J South of the Clouds
Forum 4
13:00-14:06   No Harm Done
15:35-16:50   A Common Enemy
(Open 21:00)
  Photo Slam “Bucharest~Phnom Penh~Chernobyl~Fukushima”
by Arlequin Voice Theater
Price: 2,000 yen (*1,800 yen with YIDFF pass or ticket stubs)
  October 13 (Sun)  
Yamagata Museum
of Art 1
10:30-12:32 The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On
14:00-15:39 Tough It Out: One Year After the 2011 Great Sanriku Tsunami (Changed)
16:00-18:08 The People Living in Hadenya
19:00-20:18 RAPE
Yamagata Museum
of Art 2
10:00-12:00 Images of Family in the Magic Lantern
The Role of the Wife and more [Admission Free]
13:00-14:55 Tohoku Univ. of Art and Design 2 [Admission Free]
16:10-18:06 University of Milan 2 [Admission Free]
China Academy of Art 4 [Admission Free] (Changed)
Yamagata Museum
of Art 5 (3F)
Cinema with Us
The Ethics Machine:
Six Gazes of the Camera
Yamagata Rough Cut!
10:00-17:30   Exhibition: 3.11 Record of Memory—Then and Now (Add) [Admission Free]
12:30-14:00 Discussion: Archiving Documentary Films About 3.11 [Admission Free]
15:00-17:00 Discussion: The Filmmaker and Ethics (Changed)
With Joshua Oppenheimer & Hara Kazuo [Admission Free]
19:00-21:30   Yamagata Rough Cut! 3
Moon in the Evening (Rough cut) (Changed)
  October 13 (Sun)  
Yamagata Manabikan

Yamagata Univ. Presents
12:20-14:00   Stubborn Dreams [Admission Free]
14:00-15:30   Lecture and Discussion [Admission Free]
15:50-18:40   I am Von Höfler (Variation on Werther) [Admission Free]

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will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.
does not include film screenings.

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