October 14 (Mon)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
Juror’s Film
International Competition
10:00-11:39 YOUNG YAKUZA
12:45-14:33   Stories We Tell
15:30-18:00   Tour of Duty
19:15-20:39   Bajarí: Gypsy Barcelona
  October 14 (Mon)  
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)
Yamagata and Film
Juror’s Film
International Competition
10:00-11:27 Yamagata in Film 1 [Admission Free]
12:15-13:25 Malaysian Gods
14:30-18:18   Voices from the Waves
19:00-20:46   Revision
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)

14:00-16:05   A.K. (Japanese subtitled version)
One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich
17:00-18:58   The Last Bolshevik
19:30-21:27   2084
Three Video Haiku
Level Five
Yamagata Citizens’ Hall Gallery Space
16:00-17:00   A Talk about the “Arab Spring”
All you want to know with filmmakers and Najib El-Khash! (Changed) [Admission Free]
  October 14 (Mon)  
Forum 5

New Asian Currents
10:30-11:59 A Are You Listening!
13:10-15:09 F Iron Age
War Is a Tender Thing
16:20-17:50 D Ex Press
19:00-21:20 E Gold Underground
Forum 3

Perspectives Japan
New Asian Currents
10:00-11:39 Sound Hunting
Love Letter to a Place Called Slaughterhouse
13:00-14:31 L The Targeted Village
15:30-16:50 P Two Meters of This Land
17:30-18:30 G Mohtarama
19:30-22:01 C The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed
Forum 4
  It Was Better Tomorrow (Changed)
18:50-20:50 Storytellers
  October 14 (Mon)  
Yamagata Museum
of Art 1
10:00-11:27 Catfish
13:10-14:30 Asahiza
15:30-21:06 Petition
Yamagata Museum
of Art 2
TSUMUGU—Students of Yuriage Junior High School [Admission Free] (Changed)
12:50-14:50 Presentation on Home Movies Association—Expanded Archives (Changed) [Admission Free]
15:30-17:11 Kyoto Univ. of Art and Design [Admission Free]
China Academy of Art 5 [Admission Free] (Changed)
Yamagata Museum
of Art 5 (3F)
Yamagata and Film
The Ethics Machine:
Six Gazes of the Camera
Cinema with Us
Yamagata Rough Cut!
10:00-17:30   Exhibition: 3.11 Record of Memory—Then and Now (Add) [Admission Free]
10:00-12:00 Symposium: Striving to Become a Creative City of Visual Culture [Admission Free]
12:50-14:50 Discussion: Six Gazes of the Ethics Machine (Changed)
With Abé Mark Nornes, Brian Winston, Saito Ayako [Admission Free]
15:30-17:00 Discussion: Shooting Tohoku After 3.11 [Admission Free]
19:00-21:30   Yamagata Rough Cut! 4
Water and the Island (Rough cut)
  October 14 (Mon)  
Yamagata Manabikan
Yamagata Univ. Presents
Visual Anthropology Today
13:00-14:00   Memories and Dreams [Admission Free]
14:00-15:30   Lecture and Discussion [Admission Free]
15:50-17:26   Paper Heads [Admission Free]
18:00-20:00   Visual Anthropology Today [Admission Free]

  Yamagata Grand
Hotel 2F
20:00-22:00   Directors Guild of Japan & Sky Perfect TV present
Talk event: The Horizon of Documentary (Add)
Panelists: Hara Kazuo, Sai Yoichi, Yang Yonghi, Irie Yu [Admission Free]

[Last updated: 2013-10-03]

will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.
does not include film screenings.

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