Yamagata Rough Cut!

This program provides an opportunity for people who have come to the festival from around the world to watch, listen to, feel and discuss a range of short unfinished films. By watching these little coarsely carved out fragments of the world, these “rough cuts,” filmmakers, audiences, critics, researchers and people from every walk of life can go beyond the conventions of genre and come together to explore new relationships between the moving image and society.

From the Program Coordinators

All of the entries this year ask the question, “How do I relate to the world through the camera?” I hope this program can be a place for a discussion that encourages filmmakers to work based not on political, commercial, or any kind of consideration other than, “What role does the camera play in the space between myself and the world?”

Sakai Ko (Filmmaker)

Act on Everyday Awareness / Consider --> Vision <--> Memory / Reminding, Evolution of View Points / Focal Points, ~ Other People / Shots of Society / Language / Editing <--> Communication builds on Communication ~ FROM SOMEWHERE, AROUND the Heart-Soul / Skill, Rough Cuts from Lives en route

Oki Hiroyuki (Filmmaker)