Related Program
Documentary Speaks—Taiwan Today in Light and Shadow

1. Taiwan Seen Through Film History
2. Young Soul Searching
3. Side by Side with Disability
4. Being a Woman—Gender and Sexuality
5. After the Quake
6. We Common People and the Land
7. The Delights of Old Age
8. Indigenous Filmmaker Mayaw Biho
9. Exile / Home
10. Lectures and Discussion

Presented by Institute of Visual Culture, Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, Yamagata University and Ministry of Culture, R.O.C.
Co-presented by The Resona Foundation for Asia and Oceania, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Taiwan Culture Center, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office

Yamagata University’s Institute of Visual Culture and the Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. co-present this program introducing the rise and spread of Taiwan documentary since the 1990s. It includes eleven films that mirror the changes in Taiwan society and talk events with guests. The last day will be filled with lectures by Japanese and Taiwanese scholars and a roundtable discussion.