5. After the Quake

-Three Fork Village

TAIWAN / 2005 / Chinese / Color / DVCAM / 144 min
Director: Chen Liang-feng
Production: FullShot Communication Foundation
* Screened at YIDFF 2005

The filmmakers rushed to the site of the disaster right after the 921 earthquake in 1999 and filmed in an indigenous Tayal village for six years. Days of uncertainty as the community is faced with the challenges of relocation and reconstruction.

6. We Common People and the Land

-The Last Rice Farmers

TAIWAN / 2005 / Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 108 min
Directors: Yen Lan-chuan, Juang Yi-tseng
* Grand Prize at the Taipei Film Festival

A farmer uses oxen to plow the rice fields, beating old cotton for new quilts as a side business. An old couple speaks of long years together in extreme poverty. A grandpa’s modest moment of joy is singing old Japanese pop songs. The life and times of bodies that labored through storm and drought.

7. The Delights of Old Age

-Young at Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders

TAIWAN / 2011 / Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 104 min
Director: Yang Li-chou
* Screened at YIDFF 2011

A cheerleading team with an average age of seventy shakes their pompoms and dances to the music in defiance of illness and protective family members. An archetypal sports movie with tears and joy.

8. Indigenous Filmmaker Mayaw Biho

-As Life, As Pangcah

TAIWAN / 1998 / Pangcah, Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 28 min
Director: Mayaw Biho

-Malakacaway The Rice Wine Filler

TAIWAN / 2009 / Pangcah, Chinese / Color / Blu-ray / 70 min
Director: Mayaw Biho

An early short introducing the world of a Pangcah elder and a feature depicting how the ancient rite of passage involving heavy drinking is carried on to younger generations. We see the dilemmas and convictions of indigenous people searching for identity in contemporary Taiwan.