Robert Kramer Retrospective [1967]

The Edge

- 1967 / USA / English / B&W / 105 min / 35mm

Script: Robert Kramer
Photography, Editing: Robert Machover
Sound: Norman Fruchter
Lighting: Russell Parker, Norman Fruchter
Continuity: Jane Kramer
Cast: Jack Rader, Tom Griffin, Howard Loeb Babeuf, and others
Producers: Jane Kramer, Robert Kramer, Robert Machover
Source: Cinémathèque Française

The film focuses on a group of intellectual and political militants in New York. Dan is an activist who has decided to assassinate the president of the United States. This is his personal choice and the only moral response that Dan could imagine to the enormous crime of the Vietnam War. The political organization that Dan belongs to opposes his decision. Toller, one of the leaders of the group, judges that this mad gesture would be dangerous and useless and so warns him that all necessary measures will be taken to prevent it from taking place.

(Festival Cinema Giovani 1997)

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