Robert Kramer Retrospective [1991]


Sous le vent
- 1991 / France / French / Color / 31 min / Video

Script, Photography: Robert Kramer
Editing: Elisabeth Juste, Robert Kramer
Music: Dimitri Shostakovitch
Sound: Jean-Jacques Ferran
Producers: Richard Copans, Ruben Korenfeld
Cast: Geneviève Troussier, Serge Daney, Philippe Tavernier, and others
Production Companies: Antenne 2, Les Films d’Ici
Source: Les Films d’Ici

The film is part of the television series “La culture en chantiers” (“Culture under Construction”). In the form of a video letter, this film goes up the Seine. Starting with the traces of the Normandy landing of the Americans, it ends in Paris in Jean Genet’s hotel room. It is a voyage made to meditate on the “state of things” in a clear and melancholy way—the mutations in cinema and the media in the year of the Gulf War, in the company of Serge Daney and others.

-- “Richard called me up in Berlin and said: ‘Do you want to make a film for the tenth anniversary of Jack Lang?’ I said: ‘Very simple, I can make the one around cinema, sure.’ Once again, very often, one of the guiders about this question of commissions is whether instantly a sort of general idea comes into my head. The idea has being built it around this going up the Seine, which is something I wanted to do for a while.”

—Robert Kramer (Festival Cinema Giovani 1997)

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