Robert Kramer Retrospective [1991]

Berlin 10/90

- 1991 / France / English / Color / 63 min / Video

Text, Photography: Robert Kramer
Producer: Eric Lambert
Production Company: La Sept
Source: ARTE

The film is part of the television series “Live,” curated by Philippe Grandrieux. Each of the series’ thirteen episodes is a sixty-minute plan-sequence. Berlin was shot in Berlin from 3:15 to 4:15 PM on October 25, 1990.

-- “The subject wasn’t imposed by ARTE but the form was: Hi8 video a plansequence of one hour, nothing apart from that one our filming, no addition of text or sound, no mix. They called this series “Live,” and it was offered up with a lot of old-sounding words what came out of the period of ‘Cinéma Verité’ or ‘Direct Cinema.’ Throughout there was the assumption that a camera running continuously can somehow access ‘the real.’ I don’t think that I realize how much I was moving in another direction or for how long. I was, for better or worse, involved in a very complicated dialogue between myself then-and-there in Berlin, and the many different connections that I have, inevitably, with Germany. You could say, a dialogue between myself and the reverberation that ‘Germany’ has come.”

—Robert Kramer (Festival Cinema Giovani 1997)

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